I’m a dog nut, are you? Learn about Wellness Natural Food for Pets


*this is a paid, promotional post on behalf of Wellness Natural Foods for Pets

As many of you know, I am an avid dog fan and obsess way too much about my two dogs; Jammers and SuperGirl. Jammers is coming on 9 years old and SuperGirl is not quite 2 yet but continues to keep Jammers young at heart.


As you can imagine, I am super careful about the food I choose for my dogs and am looking for a natural, healthy diet for them.  Dr. Al Townshend, staff Veterinarian at Wellness® Pet Food, “Natural diets are designed to provide the very best nutrition and can have significant benefits.” In fact, Wellness® Complete Health® Recipes include:

  • Live Active Probiotics – Added after the cooking process to promote a healthy intestinal tract and overall digestive health at guaranteed levels
  • Omega 3 & 6 Mix – Offering guaranteed levels of essential fatty acids for cellular function and healthy skin
  • Essential Vitamins & Minerals – Designed for cellular health, immunity and disease resistance
  • Fruit & Veggie Antioxidants – A proactive step in improving your pet’s nutrition
  • Rigorous Safety Testing – A Quality Assurance program that maintains strict standards for food safety
  • Excellent Nutritional Standards – Every batch of dry food is tested throughout the entire manufacturing process, from its basic ingredients to the finished products

Wellness provides information on various dog foods in comparison to their natural products to assist you in understanding their value; #checkyourbag

To learn more about their products, visit Social Media (Facebook page / Twitter Feed) or join the Naturally Well Pet Community, a free online program that provides exclusive savings offers, fun contests and helpful tips about keeping your pets happy and healthy. Or, simply go to your local pet store  or Wellness home page to pick up the product for yourself and try it out. Your dog will thank you. 

Spector in Texas to become Spector in Idaho


That’s right, I am leaving the wonderful world of Austin, TX with its super-hot summers and Tex-Mex for the mountains of Idaho in a few weeks. I will most likely keep this blog as spectorintexas.com since I am so cheap but will change my twitter handle from @spectortx to @spectorID later this month.

I am continuing my position at HP working on HP Cloud Social Media with the opportunity to be closer to Seattle and San Jose without spending a fortune to live and dealing with endless rain. Austin is getting just too crowded and I am thinking of taking up skiing next Winter to find new ways to significantly hurt myself.

Stay tuned for more posts and thoughts on various subjects including Austin vs Boise.

Speaking at Social@Scale Next Week in San Francisco

In a rare speaking appearance I will be in San Francisco next Tuesday at the Sprinklr Social@Scale event hosted by Wells Fargo. I am presenting at 1:55pm PST on “Content Management Best Practices” based on my experience at HP running our HP Cloud social media. 

If you are in San Fran next week and have the time, be sure to checkout the event.  Info at http://www.sprinklr.com/resources/sprinklr-events/. You can also follow at #SocialAtScale during the event from Noon through 5pm PST

Social Media and Digital Strategy Conference

Last week I attended the Digital Strategy Innovation Summit in San Francisco. The event featured 2 days of 40 minute session on various aspects of social media strategy and digital strategy from a broad group of industries. Attached are my notes from the sessions I attended along with my thoughts:


Some of the session speakers also made their slides available and I have links in the document to those slides.

World War Z is the Anna Nicole Smith of Movies

I had the chance Sunday night to see the new World War Z movie and thought I would share my thoughts as this may be the most absurd movie I have seen in a long time. In general, the move was visually interesting and the zombies are incredible; however the story is awful and without any credibility. Thus, my title as Anna Nicole Smith Movie of the Year looks great but a complete disaster inside.

For example, the scenes with the zombies climbing a wall are fantastic:


However, inside Brad Pitt is having a discussion with the head of Mossad as to why Israel put up a huge wall to protect itself when intercepting a single message from Afghanistan about zombies. The people inside are also walking around as business as usual while the entire planet is under attack – real credible.

Another point that was irritating is the use of multiple writers. It was easy to see which parts of the movie were written by different writers and we all know that design by committee never works. As an example, late in the movie the characters are in a WHO facility and the zombies take a humorous tact vs the previous violent super-attack mode. Amazing how zombies go from violent to funny in the same movie.

Other thoughts:

  • The scene is South Korea was shot in the dark so we didn’t really see the zombies; I guess they ran out of money to hire people of Korean ancestry to play the zombies
  • What is the purpose of Brad Pitt’s character? There is no real description of what he ever did except survive. In this movie, all he does is survive while all the Special Forces around him die. Is that his purpose, just to survive?
  • The #2 person in the UN lets Brad Pitt know he can save him but will not get a helicopter until the next morning so all he has to do is survive 1 night while under zombie attack. Two issues – does anyone even know who the #2 person in the UN is and isn’t it convenient that the zombies wait all night for Brad to leave the room before attacking. Also, how did the boy get out and to the roof?
  • Brad Pitt’s family on the ship – who cares? The concept that he was so worried about his family but spent his life going to the most dangerous parts of the world for no reason given seems pretty weak.

Overall, the story was limited while the onscreen viewing was great. I decided to go after seeing some movie reviews which had the audacity to say this is better than 28 Days Later or the Walking Dead Series. I am convinced that the movie review business is paid for by studios as no credible reviewer would glorify this movie.

Finally, I wrote on this movie as I have never seen a move that I thought was great to watch but horrible to think about (story). First time for me.


Sophie and Myself on Local News for Healing Horses

<Click on Link Above for News Video>

Sophie rode in the Trail-a-Thon today at Healing with Horses Ranch and was covered by the local news. They also interviewed me and I looked like I weigh about 300 pounds; however I don’t think I did too bad. Sophie, of course did amazing and Jonah held the microphone below us for the video interviews.

Thanks to my friends far and wide for supporting Sophie in this ride to raise money for this amazing charity offering horse therapy.